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Laboratory Information System (LIS)

Our LIS System is a fully integrated laboratory information system that covers all functional areas of modern multi specialty laboratory, starting from:

  •  patient registration
  •  sample collection
  •  test requisition entry
  •  to the final result reporting

It allows full process workflow automation, minimizes the data input and data retrieval time. It provides better data manageability and let the client achieves highest level of standardization and orderliness plus compliant with all types of analyzer interface protocols. Moreover, it also allows us to define different reference values for the same test if this test runs on different instruments when each one of them is supplied by different manufacturer and has different reagent.


Online Reporting Module

It is a fully integrated and operational reporting mechanism that allows our customer to look-up the test results after laboratory validation, view the results from an internet connected computer and print the results report for inclusion in a patient file. 

The online reporting module features secure login and limits the access to patient records based on configurable security settings by which the system generates unique login ID and password for each customer.