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YDL Team

Dr. Ossama Al-Babbili

Ph.D in Clinical Biochemistry, Tuebingen - Germany

     CEO – Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director of York Diagnostic Laboratories, JLT, 2009,  UAE. Has also founded/owned the first clinical reference laboratory in UAE in 1982. Leader, and a passionate researcher (Food Intolerance Test). He founded and become a member of couple of organizations worldwide and led higher committees in Ministry of Dubai, UAE.

Expert Certificate of IVF Laboratories from Goentingen University – Germany (2003).

  • Founder and Managing Director of York Diagnostic Laboratories JLT (YDL), 2009 - current
  • Founder and Ex. Owner of the First Clinical Laboratory in UAE, 1982 – 2009
  • Founder and Ex. CEO of Al Andalus University for Medical Sciences in Syria, 2005 – 2011
  • Founder and Ex. President of Emirates German Medical Club in Dubai, 2000 – 2003
  • Ex. Head of Laboratories Department in Ministry of Health, Dubai – UAE, 1978 - 1982

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Dr. M. Jay Al Khatib 

Ph.D in Medical Microbiology, Medical School, Liverpool University, United Kingdom

     Co-Founder - Laboratory Director

Co-Founder and Laboratory Director of York Diagnostic Laboratories, JLT. Dr. Jay is a vibrant leader, mentor, and expert team player in laboratory field. He is a member of both Task Force and Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for Dubai Accreditation Department. Having a vast experience in world-class research and diagnostic laboratories as well as passion for quality, YDL is his second lead operation in the UAE to be awarded international accreditation in a record time.

In his international multi-professional career, Dr. Al Khatib has earned his doctorate degree from the Medical School at Liverpool University, UK, during which he was trained at the Royal Hospital of Liverpool Diagnostic Laboratories. He joined Texas A&M University, Texas, USA for post-doctor fellow. Also, he worked in one of the top 10 companies of life sciences in Canada where it earned grants from the National Research Council (NRC) in order to develop novel molecular diagnostic tools. He was the team leader for developing genomics and proteomics isolation technologies for clinical diagnostic purposes, for which patents are registered in the US and Canadian patent offices. Also, he earned marketing as well as Operation Management credentials from Niagara College, Ontario, Canada....

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As a Team, we endeavor and encourage to have continuous medical education, practices, and training, thereby fostering professional growth. We make time for team building, socialization, and educational sessions which could help us continue serve you with a Smile.