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After establishing the first medical laboratory in the UAE in 1982, Dr. Ossama Al Babbili founded a Nutrition & Allergy oriented laboratory in 2009 under the name of Middle East York Test Laboratory, JLT, holding the sole agency for York Test, UK, in the Middle East region. After 4 years of serving the patient’s needs related to their daily diets and food intolerances, it was decided, in partnership with Dr. M. Jay Al Khatib, to expand the existing operation into a more sophisticated laboratory under the name of YORK DIAGNOSTIC LABORATORIES, JLT (YDL).

Now, YDL is an internationally accredited laboratory (Joint Commission International, USA), a leading private healthcare establishment equipped with the latest advancements in the art of medical laboratory. With a strong urge and passion to extend a better clinical diagnostic profile providing the most comprehensive, innovative and responsive laboratory services while maintaining the highest level of quality for customer satisfaction.

YDL provides a comprehensive laboratory services for Clinical diagnostics with an emphasis on Nutrition based testing. The comprehensive test offers ranges from Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Hormones, Serology, Microbiology & Molecular Biology as well as Histology. In addition, a sophisticated IT system for online test requesting and reporting of test results is provided through a secure online portal with a personalized access ID & password for individual clients. This was designed to ensure prompt tests results released in a confidential manner.

Another major strength is the dedicated logistic network covering all the Emirates with a regular collection schedules with a controlled temperature transportation systems to ensure the samples integrity and validity of analysis of the released results reports.


In addition, in an official partnership agreement with the largest referral base laboratory in France (Biomnis), which is also one of the world's most experienced clinical laboratories citadels, YDL guarantees the highest and most sophisticated quality procedures within the region.